B-KoS Bachata-Kizomba on Sundays (occasionally Saturdays) Monthly Event


What is Bachata? 
Caribbean Spanish meaning "A good time or Party" A dance that finds its origins in The Dominican Republic from the first half of the 20th Century. Generally a closed embrace hold, but as the dance evolved the open hold has become just as popular. There are now different forms of Bachata such as: Bachata Moderna, Sensual Bachata and of course Dominican bachata

What is Kizomba? 

Kizomba is a dance that originated from Angola, Africa in the late 1970s. The music in its traditional form is slow and quite sensual. Kizomba has what we call a 'sister' dance called Semba, which is more upbeat. Kizomba is generally sung in either Portuguese, Creole or French.

What about Salsa at B-KoS?
No Salsa workshops at B-KoS events (These happen weekly on a Wednesdays) However, during the social freestyle at B-KoS,  Salsa music will be played occasionally. 

Will B-KoS only take place on a Sunday? 
Not always. Keep a check on the date list below for day/date confirmation. 

B-KoS events are held on a Sunday (unless stated) at Olby's Soul Cafe, Kings St, Margate. 

Check Google map below for location 

B-KoS dates for your diary
February 24th (Sunday)

March 31st (Sunday)

April 28th (Sunday) FREE

May 25th (Saturday)


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