Semba & Kizomba classes in Margate

Weekly Afro classes: 

Weekly Semba & Kizomba classes and social dancing start on Tuesday 16th April from 8pm - 8.45pm for all levels. 

Pupils will be taught the history of Semba and the connection it has with Kizomba. 

Connection, Feeling and Musicality will frame the weekly syllabus. 

From 8.45pm to 10pm you will have the opportunity to put everything into practise with DJ Leon & guests playing the best in Afro music - Kizomba, Semba and Afrohouse. Time to party!

Total beginner? First class free

General admission - April's promo £1 ONLY

Venue: Cinque Ports, Margate

See below for venue map link


What is Semba & Kizomba? 

Kizomba - sung generally in Portuguese - has emerged as one of the most popular dance genres around, it's a derivative of Semba. The roots are from Angola with Semba (faster tempo) dance being it's precursor. 

Semba & Kizomba. We teach for all levels including beginners. Here is a taste and feel of both dances. 

A demonstration of what we can aspire too!